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We are committed to providing dedicated service that is customized to your needs.  In light of that commitment, Feng Shui   (pronounced, "Fung Schway")we offer special support services that are sensitive and responsive to the needs and requirements of Feng Shui practitioners regardless of which school you follow and the degree to which you embrace its principles.

Whether you are looking to sell, buy or lease property, we will work with you and/or your Feng Shui consultant or master practitioner to accommodate your requirements and resolve your real estate transaction in a manner that most benefits you. 

We have the breadth of experience and the technical depth of skills to handle any requirements and make your transition as smooth as possible.  We get results!



Feng Shui - WaterfallUsing Feng Shui


Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Home


Using Feng Shui to Buy (or Rent) Your Home


Using Feng Shui in Your Business





Use Feng Shui to Sell Your Home


Fung ShuiFeng Shui is the ancient philosophy of harmonious placement and balance within a space. Its purpose is to bring balance, blessings, abundance, and tranquility into a particular area and to those who dwell within it. Applying the principles of Feng Shui will give you a definite advantage in selling your home. Feng Shui is about making a house feel good to buyers. If you rid your home of what is troublesome or uncomfortable, it becomes more saleable.

Sellers who follow Feng Shui principles usually get quick results. Fung ShuiYour property will stand out in the mind of the buyer as being an excellent choice. Buyers are very discriminating; they shop around and look at many houses before making a final decision. The smart seller will appeal to buyers in as many ways as possible, including the often-subtle design techniques of Feng Shui.

Tips to Selling Your Home with Feng Shui

When it comes to selling a home, clutter is usually your worst enemy. The more you eliminate, the faster your property will sell. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and objectively walk through your home as if seeing it for the first time. Clutter blocks positive energy from flowing through the home.

Seller’s Checklist for Clearing Clutter

• Focus on removing clutter in every room.
• Begin with the kitchen and remove everything from the counter tops.
• Keep laundry areas uncluttered. All soaps in cupboards or out of sight.
• Have a storage bin for children’s toys.
• Put the absolute minimum number of pictures back on walls.
• Visually camouflage all electric cords.
• Keep blinds up for sunshine and several windows slightly open for ventilation.
• Have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized for smoking, pet odors, or general soil.

Feng Shui - BambooSeller’s Entry & Porch Feng Shui Checklist

• Assess your front yard and entryway from the street. Make a list of what needs attention.
• If your front path is straight or angular, soften it with plants having round shapes and leaves.
• Consider where you might place a simple fountain. Be sure the water flows towards the front door. Direct the good energy in and not away from the dwelling. Water represents abundance and fortunate blessings.
• Make sure the house address number is easy to find and readable from a distance.
• Put fresh pots of cheerful, blooming flowers on the porch.
• Replace worn door mats.
• Remove all cobwebs from the entry and anywhere around the front door.

Seller’s Interior Feng Shui Checklist

• Clear away furniture in any room that might block the flow of energy.
• Arrange living room furniture in intimate groupings to stimulate conversation.
• Use an immaculate tablecloth or attractive placemats on your dining room table. Place fresh fruit, flowers, or candles on the table.
• Replace any broken fixtures or mirrors throughout the home.
• Keep closets orderly and as roomy as possible. Clutter gives the impression the home does not offer enough space.
• The kitchen is considered to be the center of the home and hearth – keep all unnecessary items off the countertops. Keep the pantry orderly.
• Keep any artwork, prints, or paintings neutral. Take down any pictures depicting sadness.

Re-aligning your home using Feng Shui is not about spending a lot of money – it’s about cleanliness, conveying a feeling of order, and regular maintenance.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having a Feng Shui consultation for your home or if you have questions about using the Feng Shui principles presented here.


Use Feng Shui to Buy (or Rent) Your Home


Defining The Perfect Home With Feng Shui

Home is, or should be, a safe haven.  Perhaps ideally a personal heaven for us here on earth.  – Peter Megargee Brown


In these stressful times, we turn to our home to provide a haven for peace and tranquility.  Feng ShuiWhen you are looking to purchase a new home, look for a home that will nurture you and your family.  A nurturing environment will support your outer social and inner personal harmony and provide the framework around which you can organize and live your life.


Not only should you look at the home and the flow of energy within the home, but you should also explore the environment in which that home is situated.  Does the home harmonize with neighboring buildings and natural setting?  Are there large structures that dwarf the home or vice versa?


Winding or gently meandering curves reflect nature whereas straight lines are considered unnatural in feng shui.  Look for any of straight lines or “poison arrows” around the home, street, and yard, such as:

  •      telephone poles or streetlights directly outside your door

  •      angled roof lines that point toward your home

  •      jutting corners of other buildings that point like arrows in your home’s direction.

Examine the walkway leading to the front door.  It should curve slightly, making an inviting path.  The front door is the gateway to the home and personal life.  Healthy energy should flow up to it and through it.  The size of the front door should be in proportion to the overall size of the home.


When you enter a home, you should enter a cheerful, roomy, and well-lit area that immediately welcomes you and all guests.  Carry a notebook with you and write down everything that feels good and everything that doesn’t feel good to you.  Be open and let your intuition inform you.  How a room looks and how a space works aren’t necessarily compatible.  There may be rooms that are attractive to look at but awkward to function in.  Write down how each room makes you feel.  If a room makes you uncomfortable, most likely you won’t spend much time there unless you can identify the cause and remedy the situation.


When walking through a home, does a certain space welcome you?  Is there a specific area you are drawn to?  Why?  Is there a view of nature that draws you into a room and keeps you there?


The home, rooms, and surrounding environment should promote positive energy flow and encourage harmony and balance in your life and the lives of your family.  The all-important goal of balance is achieved by paying careful attention to each room, with appropriate furniture arrangement and decoration.  Whether you are sleeping, eating, cooking, reading, entertaining, or eating, you should be in harmony with your surroundings.


The ideal home will be one that welcomes you and your family.  You feel at peace and at home there.  You will feel that you and your family can continue to grow and nurture in that environment.  Once you’ve identified that environment and home, you can use feng shui principles inside the home to maintain that positive energy flow.


Feng Shui - Horse




Use Feng Shui In Your Business


The principles for homes also provide the same practical benefits for offices and employees, yielding positive effects on morale, productivity and perception by customers and clients.


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having a Feng Shui consultation for your home or business or if you have questions about using the Feng Shui principles presented here.


Feng Shui  (pronounced, "Fung Sway")

Additional Information:


Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced, "Fung Schway"), the Chinese art of placement to create harmony, originated thousands of years ago in China.  It focuses on how the environment is experienced by the people who live in it.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that where you live and how you allocate and arrange the elements of your home or workplace can significantly affect the harmony of your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

In the Feng Shui productive cycle incorporating the five basic elements of nature, Wood feeds Fire, Fire feeds earth, Earth feeds metal, Metal feeds water, and Water feeds Wood. This is the most auspicious cycle (Wood --> Fire --> Earth --> Metal --> Water --> Wood).

In using the elements, the amounts and size are taken into consideration with various other factors, such as the time of the year, the season, the colors with the room, the orientation/positioning of the room and the shapes that surround the space.  There are several schools of Feng Shui that have developed over the years, although the basic principles overlap.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having a Feng Shui consultation for your home or business or if you have questions about using the Feng Shui principles presented here.

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