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When marketing a property for a seller, I don't just "List and cross my fingers". My job is to move property. That is done by maximizing four primary factors, which effect how buyers will perceive a property's value.

To effectively sell a property, these four factors must be adjusted to a maximum combination so that a sale can occur are:

Price, Condition, Terms and Location.

Who hasn't heard the phrase in real estate marketing, "Location, Location, Location"? While location is a critical component of real estate valuation, we usually can't change property location, but we can vary the other factors to some extent.

Terms can include credits (for repairs, updates, etc.), financing help (including seller assist at closing, private mortgaging of property, either as a primary or secondary loaner), allowing extended time to complete the sale, or any number of other concessions and incentives.

Property Conditions that can be addressed vary from repair or replacement of deteriorated aspects of the property to remodeling and upgrading section(s) or all of the property (interior and/or exterior). Proper staging, including de-cluttering and rearranging spaces for maximum appeal, is also an important component of enhancing the condition of any property.

Market conditions also directly impact properties for sale: supply (and demand), competition (what other properties are offering at similar price point and/or value).

The bottom line: it always boils down in the end to price. A good price is one that is based on the value of the property as perceived by the buyer. There is always a price (assuming buyers exist) at which any property will sell in a reasonable amount of time. If the potential buyer sees good value for the price, he will take action to acquire it.

If none of the other factors can be adjusted significantly, then adjusting price is critical.

Of course, it doesn't do any good to maximize the four factors if no buyer is aware of that great property for sale.

I put a great deal of time, effort and expense in assuring that any property we list will be getting maximum exposure to the widest market of potential buyers (local, state-wide, regional, national and international). Our web sites are some of the tops in the industry, providing not just basic information, but also sophisticated, yet easy to use search, tracking and evaluation tools.

If a buyer exists, he will find the property that we list.

We work closely with sellers to obtain the best combination of the four factors based on current market conditions and reach the widest possible numbers of potential buyers.

Our goal is to obtain the best price that will yield a sale in the shortest possible time.

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