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Anatomy of a House

See also
Glossary of 60 house parts
and structure components
with sketches.

Structural Components
of a Home


Match the numbers on the diagram with the corresponding number in the chart below to indentify terminology for parts of house:

No. Description
1 Anchor Bolt
2 Ash Dump
3 Base
4 Base Mold
5 Base Shoe
6 Battens
7 Belt
8 Blinds of Shutters
9 Book Shelves
10 Box Sill
11 Boiler
12 Bracing
13 Brick
14 Bridging
15 Building Paper
16 Cased Opening
17 Ceiling Joists
18 Cellar Stair Post
19 Cellar Stair Treads
and Risers
20 Cellar Stair Rail and Post
21 Cellar Sash
22 Cellar Sash Areaway
23 Cement Floor
24 Cement Stoop
25 Cement Porch Floor
26 Chimney Cap
27 Chimney Post
28 Cinder Fill
29 Cleanout Door
30 Wood Partition
31 Collar Beams
32 Conductor Pipe
33 Conductor Head
34 Corner Studs
35 Corner Bracing
36 Damper Control
37 Dining Nook
38 Drain Tile
39 Easing
No. Description No. Description
40 Entrance Frame and Door
41 Face String and
Face Mold
42 Fascia
43 Finish Floor -1x2"Strips
Deadening Felt -
Diagonal Sub Floor
44 Finish Floor (Precast Cement)
45 First Floor Joists
46 Flashing
47 Footing
48 Foundation Wall
49 Frieze
50 Furring Strips
51 Gable Studs (Spaced)
52 Girder
53 Girder Post (Laid Close or D & M)
54 Grade
55 Gravel Fill Opening
56 Gutter
57 Headers Joists
58 Hearth
59 Inside Studs (Diagonal)
60 Insulation
61 Interior Doors & Trim
62 Interior Window Trim
63 Lookouts
64 Main Stair Treads
and Risers
65 Mantel Shelf & Trim
66 Mold (Cornice)
67 Outside Studs
68 Picture Mold
69 Plancier
70 Plaster
71 Plaster Arch
72 Plaster Arch Brackets
73 Plaster Base
74 Plates (Inside Studs)
75 Plates (Outside Studs)
  76 Porch Beam
77 Porch Frieze
78 Porch Soffit
79 Porch Columns
80 Porch Rafters
81 Porch Ceiling Joists
82 Post Base Blocks
83 Rafters
84 Rails and Balusters
85 Ribbon
86 Ridge Board
87 Roof Shingles
88 Roof Boards
89 Roof Boards
90 Rough Window
91 Second Floor
92 Sheathing
93 Siding or Wall Shingles
94 Sill Course
95 Stair Carriage
96 Stair Partition Casing
97 Stair Landing Newel
98 Starting Tread & Riser
99 Starting Newel
100Stoop Foundation
101Sub Floor (Diagonal)
102Tarred Felt Joint Cover
103Termite Shield
106Vertical Siding
107Wall Plates
108WAII Stringer
109Window Frame



Here is another version that has a corresponding interactive web page where you can  hover on the building construction terms shown on both sides on this cutaway view of a typical house for their meanings as described in a typical inspection report:The Anatomy of a House

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Here is a more simpler anatomy view of just the exterior of a house.  The source article contains helpful explanations of the different items identified:

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Here's a diagram of an assembly of members that consists of the load-bearing structure of a building and that provides stability to it.

Member of Structural Support of a House

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Here's an anatomy of the roof of a house.   The online source article allows you to move your mouse (hover) over the image to view the definitions.

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Anatomy of a Brick Veneer Wall from an article detailing the basics of a brick veneer wall, then looks at the different patterns of brick coursing we can have. (A course is a horizontal layer of bricks.)

The Anatomy of A Brick Wall

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Here's the anatomy of a chimney.   Knowing about these parts and their functions can be useful in general maintenance, troubleshooting, or even talking with a fireplace and chimney expert about your service.   The source web page has explanations for each numbered item.
Anatomy of a Chimney

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