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Speed Up the Sale of Your Home

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB),  "Home for sale with signputting your home up for sale can be an exhausting, stressful experience. But there are several things you can do to improve your home's marketability. By expending a bit of effort before it goes on the market, you can ensure your home presents well, stands out from the crowd and doesn’t turn off potential buyers so that you can sell quickly…and at the best price."
The NAHB recommends the following areas of focus:

1. Tone down personality.
Eliminate clutter and depersonalize (including removing pictures).  Consider repainting the interior with neutral colors and removing bold colors.  Same goes for the exterior, plus make sure it's clean, mold removed..    Remove old, worn rugs - expose hardwood floors if in decent condition.
2. First Impressions Count
Clean everything from top to bottom, inside and out.  Don't leave trash, dirty dishes, etc.  Look carefully at your property from the street -- does it have "curb" appeal?  Paint and/or repair your front door.  Make sure when buyer is standing at the door to enter, everything they see (and will see) says that the house is lovingly cared for and maintained.
3. Don't burdon the buyer with repairs.
If there are problem areas with your home, get them fixed before showing.  This is especially important in the kitchens and bathrooms.  Old applicances should be replaced -- shiney, new appliances in place will be a big selling point.  REMEMBER: Your cost of repairs and replacement will be cheaper than what you will loose on prices offered by buyers.  [Note: From our experience, we've found that buyers tend to be over cautious in estimating potential repair and/or replacment costs by 2-3x what is will actually cost you to take care issue and will always lower their prices accordingly.]

4. Maximize Your Exposure
Take advantage of the latest technology to market your property, place on multiple real estate websites and databases (MLS), and use traditional marketing methods to you best advantage.  Your Realtor is the best source of these types of support services.

Contents copyright NAHB and Lawrence Yerkes.  All rights Reserved.

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